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+ After debating between trying to draw on either Photoshop or Manga Studio, I finally picked up my G pen and bought a Hunt 102 and have been drawing with india ink on real paper, as well as Micron markers. I think there's no substitute for that! Drawing on a computer is kind of like telling a robot what to draw and watching him do a robotic version of what a human does with a pen. I think drawing in pencil and ink causes me to slow down and think because you can't just go back and redo it so easily. It's been fun, anyhow! I've been taking anatomy and how to draw people books out of the library, and they're helping with my proportions and realism and such. I'm having fun!

+ Yesterday Amanda and I went to White Rock and had to take the 321 bus to the SkyTrain, and then took the SkyTrain home from Surrey. It's always the most tense bus ride of my life! Some guys were talking about how they only do cocaine with hot girls, and no one on the bus looked normal. SkyTrain was just as bad. And the 321 always smells like BO! When we got home, we had to draw some of the weirdos we saw. One guy looked like Jesus Care of the Pentagon and another guy was the skinny lovechild of Snoop Dogg and a goldfish.
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california blue / pay for surf

+ Whenever I get new glasses, I'm always self-conscious about people complimenting me about them. I just got new glasses and barely anyone has said anything or noticed! It's kind of good, and kind of odd. In any case, I think they look pretty good on me. That is to say, they kind of suit me.

+ My comic book project is coming along slowly but surely. I've just decided to take my time and make it as good as humanly possible, giving myself time to make mistakes and learn what the heck I'm even doing. Using Manga Studio to make a comic page is great because I can change things as much as I need if I have bad perspective or a body part or face that looks awful. To get 20 pages and a cover is going to take me quite a long time but I want to make it look as good as possible. The good news---I'm having fun! I'm not as frustrated as I could be, I guess because I'm just being patient and don't have a deadline.

+ If anyone is looking to part with any Mark Heard cds, lemme know!

+ I was excited to learn that Daniel Amos's "Shotgun Angel" album is coming out in a deluxe remastered CD authorized and endorsed by the band. I ordered it, and my old copy is currently sitting at $30 on eBay! I also ordered the new version of "Mr. Beuchner's Dream", and I plan on getting the deluxe edition of their self-titled album and those Terry Scott Taylor "Swine Before Pearls" discs. The dude has had some tough times lately with his health and debt, so I would like to support him by buying some of his music.
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Hello, I must be going.

+ I guess I kind of dropped off the LJ map after making a triumphant return, huh? Priorities kind of changed for me. I guess I came back to Livejournal as a creative outlet, and it wasn't quite what I needed. Neither were my attempts at zine making. Essentially, I bought an Intuos4 graphics tablet and decided to try my hand at making some kind of graphic novel type story. I've tried my hand at drawing, and I've been discouraged and failed. However, drawing has entered the digital age, and at first I took no interest in that. Then I picked up a comic called Nonplayer which showed me that comics in the digital age aren't such a bad thing. Then I installed Manga Studio on my computer, which is pretty much a Japanese hybrid of InDesign and Photoshop for the graphic novelist. I fought it tooth and nail at first, but I've realized I could never make a comic without it. It saves me having to draw and redraw pages as I can simply erase sections and redraw them, or resize entire figures or parts of the drawing quickly and easily. Maybe I was never meant to be an artist using pen and ink, but digitally, I think I can make something fun and creative that other people might actually enjoy. That said, I've drawn and shaded and toned my first page and I'm pretty happy with the results! It actually looks and feels like something I would make.

+ In other news, Amanda and I went to a fabric store (more fun and less boring than it sounds), had brunch at our favorite diner and went to this fair where people sold stuff they created. It was fun. Amanda also baked bread recently and I barbecued some stuff on Saturday and Sunday. We're doing all kinds of fun stuff around these parts!
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you stole deacon's easter basket!

+ As there is no actual English release of the Hayao Miyazaki TV series Future Boy Conan, I downloaded it and have been watching it. It's pre-Studio Ghibli but you can definitely see Miyazaki's fingerprints all over it. I like how well-paced and well-made vintage anime series are! Compare that to the North American animated shows, and you'll see that animation was actually considered an artform in Japan.

+ It's Easter tomorrow, which means brunch in White Rock with the in-laws, sibling in-laws, nephew and niece. It should be fun, and I will likely get fatter.

+ I keep reading articles about kids who temporarily die and see heaven, and then come back. It's crazy fascinating stuff. I try to picture it in my head. One kid said Satan has three heads.
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inky mcpen!

+ With today being Good Friday, and seeing as how Amanda had to work, I played around with our scanner, Photoshop, and my crappy old Graphire3 graphics tablet. I made the above picture of Totoro from an old picture in my sketchbook. I discussed it with Amanda last night, and I think I'm going to go ahead and get myself an Intuos4 to replace my old Graphire3. I was broke when I bought it, and I bought a size smaller than I should have. I could probably do some fun stuff with an Intuos4! I wouldn't mind making some more vector drawings and I could also color my more traditional pen and ink art in Photoshop. In any case, it's nice that she's behind me on this purchase. We just have to get our office sorted out before I'm allowed to buy it.

+ There's a lot of great music coming out soon that I would like to purchase, even though I am limiting my music purchases these days. I would like the new Fleet Foxes and Chad Van Gaalen records, and I pre-ordered the new David Bazan record. They sent out the MP3's to those who ordered it, so I gave it a listen. It sounds great. At first it didn't grab me and I didn't much care for it, but when I listened to it today, I really enjoyed it. It vaguely reminds me of his Pedro the Lion stuff. It's also not as harsh and depressing as Curse Your Branches, although I enjoyed that record a lot.

+ Super Friends: The Lost Episodes contains many 7 minute hackneyed stories with abrupt finishes. I am in Hanna Barbera heaven.
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hey, beardo—vote quimby!

+ Continuing my recent trend of enjoying bearded folksters, from what I've heard of the new Fleet Foxes record "Helplessness Blues", it's going to be really good. And I just downloaded the new David Bazan record today, as they sent me a link when I pre-ordered it. He also has a beard. It all fits in nicely with the other bearded, flannel-wearing people I've gotten into in the past year.

Actually, there was a character in Troll 2 with big brown, square-ish eyeglass frames, a flannel shirt and a beard that I commented could pass for a member of Blitzen Trapper.

+ Today we had a power failure at work, so we got sent home at noon, which is convenient because I have Good Friday and Easter Monday off. HOORAY!

+ I wish my art supplies would hurry up and get here so I could start drawing! Boo. But I saved lots of money by ordering online. That's good.
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weekend update.

+ Record Store Day was a bit of a bust...well, not really. But I spent $20 on bristol board and some white ink, and didn't feel like spending $30 on an LP or $8 on a 7 inch record with two songs. The only thing I considered buying was The Head and The Heart CD, but they only had the LP at Neptoon...same goes for that Dylan at Brandeis University I guess Record Store Day made me want to order stuff online, or maybe I'll just trade in some stuff at Zulu for those things. No one had the new Nick Lowe reissue, either. Oh well. I did get two issues of Cometbus and the first issue of Nonplayer, which is kind of impossible to find. And the aforementioned art supplies. And I skipped seeing the Tranzmitors.

The good news is that I had a cheap, cheap lunch at Hawker's Delight! It was my first time and I loved it. I had tofu, cucumbers and bean sprouts in peanut sauce. Mmm...fattening. It all looked good and it's painfully cheap.

+ When I mentioned that new Dylan live LP, Amanda said "Don't you already own everything he's ever done anyhow?" Yeah, it's true. Oh, the woes of trying to understand why your husband is a completist. I'd be doomed except that she's a Dylan fan, too and possibly because I watch the Biggest Loser with her. I'm sucked into it, now!

+ We walked the Sun Run today! It was a 10K walk, and then we went to Red Robin for lunch and then I came home and blacked out while she watched "Angels and Demons".
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+ Back in my day, we had a name for Record Store Day...It was called Saturday! That was always the day I'd get up, meet Koop and Jeff at Music Trader, and we'd seek out all kinds of fun stuff that looked interesting or new. Considering Amanda and I had our first date at Zulu Records, and also did our engagement photos there, record stores will always be important to me. Y'know, in addition to the fact that I really enjoy music. So yeah, I'm going to try to see the Tranzmitors today if my health cooperates. I've been feeling under the weather, so we'll see how that goes.

+ Has anyone else seen those creepy Taco Bell commercials where they admit their tacos only have 88% beef, and they kind of dismiss that anyone should question that because the "meat" tastes so great? I've worked in the corporate world long enough to know when a company is just blowing something off. That commercial isn't even good damage control. It's just admitting there are allegations without really giving any explanation. Scary!

+ I'm trying to get back into drawing. Amanda just got a sewing machine and I figured I should do something new and fun as well. I ordered a bunch of fancy pens and stuff from Japan. I'm trying not to second guess myself or shoot myself down before I even start, but we'll see how long that lasts. It's too easy to get discouraged or think you suck even though it doesn't really matter how good I am. I want to do it for fun, no pressure needed. I'm going to try using my graphics tablet to work on it, but I have a feeling I'll need to get a nicer one at some point.
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solving the can't findeys

+ So my Green Wake crisis has been solved! I e-mailed the comic store where Riley used to work, Another Dimension Comics in Calgary, and arranged to buy a copy of Green Wake # 1 and have it shipped to me. And to ensure I don't have similar problems with future issues, I found a comic shop near my workplace that is going to hold all future issues. I thought it was going to be five issues, but I guess the good news it got picked up as an ongoing series! I'm excited to see where this goes. In other news, I got the same store to order me the first issue of Nonplayer, which is an all-digital comic done in a very Moebius-ish style. I'll give it a shot, anyhow!

+ Tomorrow is Record Store Day and Sunday is the Sun Run. I have to go register Amanda and I for the Sun Run, as we're going to walk it. Then I will try to swing by Neptoon Records to see the Tranzmitors do an in-store. There's a lot of great limited edition LPs and stuff available, but nothing I'd probably actually want to buy. I mean, that test pressing of the third Big Star looks cool, but I have that on my Big Star boxed set, and that Dylan "Live at Brandeis" looks okay but it's nothing I really need on vinyl.

+ I stayed home sick today. I still don't feel great so I'm heading to bed.
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the frustration of the can't findeys.

+ Yesterday Amanda and I went downtown with no real agenda seeing as how my massage got cancelled. I checked two leading comic stores for a copy of Green Wake # 1 and neither had heard of it. Come on! It got five star reviews on so many websites, and they don't know what it is? I have to find it, I just don't know how I can find it. I suppose I can wait for the trade paperback and order it on, but that seems like a long time and I wanna read it now!

In other news, we looked at a sewing machine for Amanda, and I bought a new Original Penguin polo. I find it funny that punk rockers think overpriced clothing like Fred Perry and Penguin are respectable to wear. I actually like Penguin because you can find it for affordable prices at Winners! Same with Ben Sherman.

+ I ordered a new pair of glasses today, my third pair of Shurons. What can I say, I only like outdated glasses frames! I'm going to get some clip-on shades for them, too. Come to think of it, I don't really buy any kind of current clothing from anyone.

+ I think Amanda and I both had some serious cumin and chili powder induced nightmares. I dreamt I was watching a version of Jaws starring Seinfeld trying to be serious.